Client feedback

image-2I have had several treatments with In Touch Body Harmony with Ortho-Bionomy treatments for both personal and sport injuries. One of the treatments I had was due to struggling to sleep with back pain. After one treatment I was able to get a full 6hrs of sleep, and a second session set me straight.
I also injured myself playing indoor netball and rolled my ankle. I went to A & E, was placed on crutches for 4 weeks, pain meds and bed rest for 2-4 days. I went in again for another session with In Touch Body Harmony, and between that session and my take home exercises, I was off of the pain meds the next day and off of crutches within 3 days.
Any ailments now, no matter how small, I book in straight away! Corey


picture-taker-7kigk6When I was 15 years old my collarbone was injured during a soccer game.
X-rays showed no breaks or fractures. It was just really bruised.
It healed but occasionally it would hurt.
A few years later it flared up and became very painful. The GP ordered x-rays which revealed nothing, and referred me to a sports specialist who referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon.
She ordered an MRI but when that came back clear, she said that it was most likely a continuous pain similar to a migraine that would come and go and I would need to learn to live with.
This did not sit well with me as it was so painful and stiff I could barely move it. For me, physiotherapy was too rough and the osteopath relieved the pain only briefly.
I decided to try Ortho-Bionomy because it was described as non-invasive and I’d given up on everything else. Within the first two sessions I felt a noticeable change. And after a couple of months it was back to normal strength and function. It has also stopped hurting periodically like it used to. Pip

I feel like I am walking with a spring in my step…. I know it sounds silly but I actually feel taller and straighter.

I expected to see a bit of improvement, but almost 75% of the pain has now gone–I even have more movement.

I feel like I have a more upright posture… I feel more open across my chest, and I find it much easier to climb the stairs.

I just seem to have more motivation and more energy, and I am sleeping better.

After just a few sessions I felt so much better…
after all this time of thinking I just had to live with the pain.
Now I realise that my body can self-correct without being manipulated…
Now I go regularly just to keep in balance and feel good.