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O R T H O – B  I O N O M Y®  Courses  2019 
C O L I N  G I B B S
Registered Ortho-Bionomy® Advanced Instructor OBNZ
Registered  Advanced Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner 

29-30 June                   Isometrics and Isotonics 
20-21 July                    Foundations Phase 4  Ellesmere UK
21-22 September      Phase 5:  The Healing Dance 
19-20 October            Phase 6:  Hands off 
21 October                 Phase 7:  Within, Without, and the Spaces Between
9-10 November         Practitioner Training Seminar 
23-24 November       Foundations Phase 4 tbc 

STUDY GROUP  Friday  June 28 (7.00pm-9pm)
Matangi, Hamilton

Saturday and Sunday June 29-30, 2019
Matangi, Hamilton
We will learn isometric and isotonic techniques for working with inefficient muscular tension patterns as well as underdeveloped muscle tone. Through the use of restraining movement while the muscle is engaged, self-correcting reflexes are stimulated and habitual holding patterns can be released. Participants learn how the conscious use of obstacles can help promote change from rigid physical patterns to greater mobility and allow the client to actively participate in the session.

Saturday and Sunday July 20-21, 2019
Ellesmere, United Kingdom.

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STUDY GROUP  Friday September 20 (7.00pm-9pm)
Matangi, Hamilton

ORTHO-BIONOMY PHASE 5:  The Healing Dance
Saturday and Sunday 21-22 September, 2019
Matangi, Hamilton.
Phase Five is hands on, moving at a very subtle level of awareness in ways that honour the principles of Ortho-Bionomy.  Using the client’s natural reflexes, the body’s innate wisdom knows what to pay attention to and self-correct.  Our movements may be actual or inferred.   Phase 5 is moving with the self-expressed energy patterns of the person by exaggerating patterns, increasing recognition for the client, and employing self-healing reflexes within the physical and etheric self.  Phase 5 is suitable for very recent and acute injuries—muscular tension is released, range of motion increased, and pain reduced.  It is also useful for the most delicate of situations as well as large joints, scar tissue, internal organs, bones, muscles, fascia, skin, lymphatic system, etc.  
In Phase Five, we do less and let the client be the guide for their exploration of change.

STUDY GROUP  Friday 18 October (7.00pm-9pm)
Matangi, Hamilton

Saturday and Sunday 19-20 October, 2019
Matangi, Hamilton
Moving like  Phase 5, however without physical contact.  We work with the person’s bioenergetic fieldor as some refer to it, the aura. We gain expertise in Phase 6 through learning the skill of remaining in a neutral state, of Universal awareness, in ‘doing nothing’ and allowing the person to have their own experience and expression of themselves, without judgement.   We monitor and acknowledge the inter-relationships between energetic, emotional and physical levels and that demonstrate how energetic shifts can affect changes in physical patterns.

ORTHO-BIONOMY PHASE 7:  Within, without, and the spaces between
Monday  21 October, 2019
Matangi, Hamilton
In  the classic vision of Arthur Pauls of long distance Ortho-Bionomy®, time and distance are not relevant.   Phase 7 was initially taught by invitation only when Arthur felt a student was ready. The etheric aspect of wellbeing is particularly felt when we are not lined up, when we are injured or ill. Phase 7 brings awareness of subtleties and ways of communicating.  The pattern addresses all levels of human experience and teaches a non-forceful, elegant way to approach many problems.

STUDY GROUP  Friday November 8 (7.00pm-9pm)
Matangi, Hamilton

Saturday and Sunday November 9-10, 2019
Matangi, Hamilton
This seminar addresses issues and questions that arise for individuals completing the Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner Training Programmes and helps participants synthesize their entire training experience. The class format includes time to discuss questions or problems that arise during clinic sessions, an opportunity to receive feedback and supervision about difficult cases, and information on how best to structure a session, set fees, and communicate with clients. Participants can also discuss their changing role in the community as they move from being a student to becoming a professional in the health care field.

STUDY GROUP    Friday  November 22 (7.00pm-9pm)
Matangi, Hamilton

Saturday and Sunday November 23-24, 2019  to be confirmed
Matangi, Hamilton
This foundation class covers the history, philosophy and concepts of Ortho-Bionomy and provides an overview of the basic release techniques for major joints in the body.  Movements and positions of comfort are demonstrated to facilitate the release of muscular tension and overall stress by stimulating the inherent, self-corrective reflexes of the body which help the body create structural alignment and balance from within.  No prior experience necessary.